Auto Sync

Auto Sync application, that performs true bi-directional sync using flash memory sticks, USB keys, MP3 players, cameras, SAMBA, DISC, plus more.
After setting the folders will be synced so that they contain only the most recent version of each file.

Auto Sync

Auto File Sync and Backup is an user-friendly file synchronization and backup utility which automates copy, removal, and comparison of computer data in different storage devices like hard disks, flash sd card, network drives and removable equipment.

Make synchronize two directories on multiple computers in very easy way. Don't be afraid that one can not do file synchronization process since it is not difficult.

User-friendly interface allow it to be simple to use, just tell it that file or folder to be back up, where so when to save them, after that it works reliably in the back and uses not much system resources.

Once you disconnect your current working computer an individual of additional computer will make changes in papers. Therefore once you start up the pc and get connected to your local network you need to make directory sync.

Key functions :

- Compare files in addition to folders and sync these individuals.
- Network support.
- File and directory reproduction.
- Automated data back up.


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